On our first visit to the pacific mall we were asked to observe and sketch the VISUAL, SOCIAL and PRODUCT CULTURE of the mall (macro area)


visual culture is ambiance and environment of the area. Mall is located in Subhash Nagar near the metro station in New Delhi. there were also a lot of trees and plants planted outside near the valet area of the mall. there are 3 floors in the mall and it contains total 126 stores.


Social culture consists of types of people who visit the mall. The people visiting this mall were from lower middle class – upper middle class. The languages spoken are English and Hindi. Mostly people come from the areas nearby like Rajouri, Khyala, Tilak Nagar. People are casually dressed.


product culture means the object and materials in the mall and market and merchandising. there are all sorts of materials being sold in the mall from food and beverages to accessories and home decor. there is also gaming area for children, food court and many, many stores to shop from. Not only people come for a shopping spree in the mall but also to hang out , have fun and watch movies with their friends and family.Scan







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