Difference between Bagru and Sanganer Prints

In this post I wanted to point out the differences between the bagru and sanganer prints

In the medieval age the use of wooden blocks for printing  spread from Gujarat to Rajasthan. (1)  

important centres for block printing are:-

Jaipur, Bagru, Sanganer, Pali and Barmer

Sanganer is really famous for its calico printed bed covers, quilts and sarees. In this print the outlines are printed first and then the colour is filled in. This print is done on white background

Bagru on the other hand is famous for its seyali-bagru prints and Dabru prints. The designs are in combination of black and yellow ochre or cream. This print is done on indigo or dyed background (2)  




references –

(1) http://www.academia.edu/7707115/HISTORY_OF_BLOCK_PRINTING_IN_INDIA

(2) http://www.handprintingguiderajasthan.in/hand-block-printing-the-block-and-the-printing-unit/blocks-and-printing-styles-of-bagru-and-saanganer/



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