Module Brief

The aim of this module is to encourage us to think creatively and help us understand the process of establishing designs through various ways

we were given 5 topics namely- Craft/ Folk/ Tribal art/ Design Movements /Bio mimicry

initially we had to narrow down 3 subjects from 5 topics

topics that I chose were :-

PATTACHITRA – Pattachitra style of painting is one of the oldest and most popular art forms of Odisha. Pattachitra is  a painting done on canvas.

MADHUBANI – Madhubani painting originated in a small village, known as Maithili, of the Bihar state of India. Initially, the womenfolk of the village drew the paintings on the walls of their home.

BLOCK PRINTING – Woodblock printing on textiles is the process of printing patterns on textiles by means of incised wooden blocks.



I decided to work on block printing as  I find it really fascinating and I think it has high cultural value and also quite prominent in the fashion industry.

Block printing originated in china back in 12th century it became popular in Gujarat and then spread to Rajasthan.


This sector has a glorious history and the prints of this area had been prized possession in the past and still continue to maintain the same kind of prestige in the global market


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