Block Printing of Rajasthan: Bagru and sanganer

Recently I am hooked on to  block printing and as I discover more and more data about it, I am tempted to share it with all of you

Did you know that Block printing is considered as the most  popular method of printing in East Asia. Until 19th century, it was used to print texts, books and images.

block printing is a form of dyeing and colouring a fabric using wooden blocks.

let me share the 3 types of block printing with you

  • Direct Printing :  the cloth is bleached, dyed, unless a light background is desired. after that the fabric is printed using carved blocks, first the outline blocks, then the ones to fill color.
  • Resist Printing : Areas that are to be protected from the dye are covered with a mixture of clay and resin. The dyed fabric is then washed. The dye spreads into the protected areas through cracks, producing a rippled effect. Block prints are then used to create further designs.
  • Discharge Printing : first, the fabric is dyed. Then, a chemical is used to remove the dye from the portions that are to have designs in a different color. These portions are then treated, so they may be re-colored.

stay tuned for more fun facts and the whole story about block printing


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